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Top ten most dangerous toys mothers should buy cautiously

Sep 30, 2022

All kinds of toys are not only the best playmates for children when they were young, but also played a role in enlightenment education. However, the top ten most dangerous toys in the near future have made many parents have to be vigilant. Among the top ten most dangerous toys, although many are extremely common in daily life, the danger is the highest.


No matter what type of type, it has always been a child’s favorite toy, especially for boys in daily life. Toys, a group of boys often hold their own police to catch the thieves. This play itself can ejection through the effect of external forces. The toys inside do parabolic movement or directly hit the target. Some are especially popular with boys. However, experts remind that this kind of lethality is relatively large, and if you don’t pay attention, you may become a “weapon” of hurting people.

Especially the most common toys and water in the market belong to the top ten most dangerous toys. In addition, there are the most common slingshots of the people in our country, and these toys are very lethal. In addition, there are many dart toys in the family, which should allow these toys to allow the range that children can touch.

2. Slip the ball

The so -called slippery ball is actually a kind of toy with a rope. With a slippery TV series, this kind of band The rope toy entered millions of households. Toys with ropes are not suitable for children. Except for slippery balls, all toys with rope accessories should not be played for children, especially young children. This is because the ropes on these toys are easily wrapped around the child’s fingers or neck. If the parents do not find it in time, it is likely to cause the finger ischemia and necrosis. In severe cases, it may cause the baby to suffocate.

Therefore, when you buy toys for your child, you must pay special attention. Toys with ropes should be avoided as much as possible. Even if you buy, you should pay attention to the length of the rope that cannot exceed the baby’s neck length. Especially for some young children, it is best not to play these rope toys.

3. Mask

Mask toys have always been welcomed by many children, such as masks such as various animals and anime characters, so that let Many children can’t love. However, there are certain risks in these toys. This is because most masks are plastic products, and some masks are made of pulp or wood pulp. Because the patterns are very delicate and colorful, the children are the children, so the children are the children. I really like to wear these masks toys. However, many unqualified toys are made of toxic plastic, which contain a large amount of toxic chemicals.

These toxic substances will be sucked into the body by children to makeDiscarding severe poisoning.In addition, some of the masks and toys itself are dense, especially where there is no breath at the mouth and nose. If the child is worn for a long time, it will easily cause the brain to be hypoxic.

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