• 2022-12-08

What should I pay attention to if patients with recycled disorders should pay attention to

Sep 30, 2022

1. Dietary regulation of patients with recycled disorders

Patients with regenerative disorders should eat more green vegetables and foods with high iron content during treatment. You can eat more vegetables, tomatoes, rapeseeds, celery, etc., as well as fruits such as peach, plums, oranges, jujube. Because the iron in the food is not easy to absorb, eat more vitamin C, which is good for the absorption of iron in the food.

2. Patients with renewable disorder anemia should pay attention to the conditioning of life

Patients with regenerative disorder anemia are relieved in life to prevent strenuous activities and fatigue. The posture changes should be performed slowly to prevent the acute cerebral ischemia and fainted. Strengthen physical exercise, and persist in exercise for an hour every day, running, climbing and other physical exercise, which can strengthen bone hematopoietic function and increase hematopoietic cells. It can prevent anemia very well.

Several recycled disorders’ anemia and therapy method:

1. Double cream

Make the formula of double -cream; Codonopsis, yam, astragalus, Poria, longan meat 30 grams each, atractylodes, potato meat, 15 grams of angelica, 10 grams of licorice, 10 jujube. Production method: 1000 ml of water above, cook until 500 ml of juice, cook until 300 ml, mix the juice twice, condense the fire to 500 ml, continue to add honey 1000 ml to collect the cream. Usage: 3 times/day, 20 ml/time efficacy: nourishing blood and nourishing blood.

2. Astragalus chicken juice porridge

Make a recipe for double -cream: 1 hen, 15 grams of astragalus, 100 grams of japonica rice; production method: hen fried chicken juice, astragalus, astragalus, astragalus, astragalus, astragalus, astragalus, astragalus, astragalus Fried juice, cook porridge in japonica rice, eat in the hotter morning and evening; efficacy: cure qi and blood deficiency type re -obstacles.

3, pork bone soup

Formula for making double tonic cream: 250 grams of pork bone, 30 grams of black beans, 20 red dates, an appropriate amount of condiments. Method method: pork bone, black beans, red dates, add water to 1500 ml, stew soup, remove bone, and add flavoring products. Usage: Eat beans, fruits, soup, 2 times/day. Efficacy: tonic kidney and spleen. Applicable to the resurrection of spleen deficiency.

1. Patients with disabilities need to prevent infection

Patients with disabilities need to pay attention to increasing or decrease clothes in daily life to avoid cold. Do a good job of everyone’s hygiene, keep the skin clean, take a bath, change clothes, and cut your nails. The living room is regularly ventilated, less in and out of public places, and wearing a mask when going out. Pay attention to oral hygiene, rinse your mouth before meals. Pay attention to the cleaning of the perianal, and then take a bath. Female patients pay attention to the perineum cleaning. If sore throat, cough, runny nose, dysuria, gum swelling, redness, redness and swelling, etc., you should go to the hospital for treatment in time for early foreign aids.

2. Patients with disabilities need to prevent bleeding

Patients with disabilities can be appropriately moved according to the condition, prevent slipping or trauma during activity, so as not to bleed after injury. banTake a hard hair tooth brush to brush your teeth, toothpicks are tilted, and you should eat slowly to avoid damage to the oral mucosa and gums. Prevent the dry nasal mucosa, apply oil protection if necessary, and prevent digging nostrils to avoid damage to the nasal mucosa and cause bleeding. Pay attention to urinating color, female patients pay attention to menstrual flow and time. If headache, dizziness, nausea, etc., you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

3. Patients with disabilities need to develop a healthy lifestyle

(1) Patients with disabilities should establish confidence in adhering to long -term treatment to obtain healing, maintain a comfortable mood, and take medicine on time.

(2) The air in patients with disabilities should be fresh, with sufficient sunlight, and regular ultraviolet disinfection. Patients with severe recycles can have conditions to be a housing streaming room or isolation ward.

(3) Patients with disabilities should avoid stimulation, too cold, spicy, and excellent food in their diet. Especially fasting seafood. Easy to eat light and easy to digest and rich in vitamin. Emphasizing diet hygiene is very important. Pay attention to light diet, do not spicy food, strengthen diet nutrition, eat and digest, high -vitamins, high protein, low -fat diet, you can eat jujube yam porridge, turtle soup, pork rib soup, etc.; Those with bleeding tendencies should eat residue -free semi -current.