• 2022-11-30

What is the cause of long oral ulcers -Family Doctor Online Pediatric Channel

Sep 30, 2022


Fire is one of the most common causes of oral ulcers. The main symptoms are yellow red concave pain, that is, the surface of the ulcer is yellow, the surrounding red swelling, and the ulcers are depressed. Some symptoms, such as bad breath, dry mouth, constipation, urine yellow, etc. can better confirm oral ulcers caused by fire.

Relief method: It is recommended to drink plenty of water. Sacrifice spicy food.

Nutritional deficiency

Vitamin deficiency can also lead to oral ulcers. If oral ulcers are repeated, plus the symptoms of nutritional deficiency such as rough skin and yellow hair, you must consider whether it is nutritional intake insufficient.

Relief method: You can take a composite vitamin. It is not recommended to take vitamin B2 or other single vitamins separately, because the absorption of various vitamins of people is related, composite vitamins are more comprehensive and easier to absorb. Usually eat more vegetables and fruits. In particular, yellow and dark green fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritious foods such as lean meat, milk, eggs.

Decreasing immunity

Body sub -health and reduced immunity are also the cause of oral ulcers. If oral ulcers are accompanied by fatigue, fatigue, susceptible to trapped, or even cold, it is mostly due to low physical immunity. If there is still a lot of life and work pressure, emotional instability, and often staying up late, you should pay more attention to your own conditioning.

Relief method: adjust the schedule, regularly live, do not stay up late. In addition, physical exercise should be strengthened and physical fitness should be strengthened. Learn to release stress and self -regulate emotions.