• 2022-11-30

Is it a cold in the throat of the baby’s throat?

Sep 30, 2022

Some parents found that their little babies always seem to have sputum in their throats. They can always hear the sound of “snoring and snoring” there. Is it a cold? But it doesn’t seem to look like it, because I didn’t hear that the baby had cough or saw a runny nose, and it was okay to eat and drink Lazar. So, what’s going on in the throat?

What is the phlegm in the baby’s throat

In fact, this phenomenon of the baby is called the phenomenon of the throat, which is actually a kind of airflow passing through the coldest point of the respiratory tract. The sound of strange sounds appeared clinically to the throat that parents hear, and the sound of “snoring” seemed to have sputum. Many baby’s throat asthma is related to the dysplasia of the laryngeal cartilage. This situation is generally that the baby can appear shortly after the baby was born, mainly because the mother’s calcium and vitamin D reserve during pregnancy are insufficient, and the baby is not in time after birth In addition, it may affect the baby’s laryngeal cartilage development.

If this symptom of laryngeal asthma caused by poor laryngeal cartilage development is mild, it does not affect the daily diet, and the baby’s general situation is acceptable. Too tight, generally this symptoms can disappear as the baby grows up slowly. What parents need to do is to supplement vitamin D and calcium properly after the baby is born. Dain the sun, and pay attention to minimizing cough and misuse during the usual feeding process, and pay attention to preventing respiratory infections.

But if you hear the baby’s throat breathing serious, it is already accompanied by symptoms such as hoarseness, difficulty breathing, difficulty in feeding, and slow development, then you can not take it lightly. Maybe the baby is not simply dysplasia of laryngeal cartilage development. The throat caused by the throat, and the baby should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible to check the doctor to eliminate whether there are other diseases, such as congenital hate, narrow under the door, and cat scream syndrome.

In addition, some children have inhaled foreign objects, such as peanut rice, melon seeds, etc., which can also be manifested as sudden inhalation and breathing difficulties such as severe cough, holding breath, and throat. Babies who suspect that there are foreign objects inhaled history should also be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. Please ask the doctor to help take out the foreign body to avoid causing danger of life. Some even if there is no life danger at the time, it can also cause the lungs due to foreign bodies blocked the bronchus. It can also be merged with repeated infections in the lungs.

In short, when the parents encountered the “phlegm” of snoring and snoring in the throat of the little baby, the parents could not worry too much after excluding the possibility of the disease.

Guiding experts: Li Zengqing, chief physician of the Pediatrics Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital