• 2022-11-30

How to take care of the child when he is sick

Sep 29, 2022

It is a big project to take care of the child. It is usually very difficult. If you encounter the child sick, then the parents will become even more anxious. Children are uncomfortable, sick, and are not easy to fall asleep, which will also affect the child’s physical recovery. So, what kind of way to let the child fall asleep after the child is sick?

1. Frequent stroke

What your parents need to know is that the baby may need parents to touch more before falling asleep. Therefore, we can touch the baby lightly, from the forehead to the temple, to the cheek, and touch it gently. At this time, the child’s body will secrete a hormone, which will make the child feel more comfortable and easier to fall asleep.

2. Preparation in advance

If the child is older, it is best to explain to the child at 15 minutes in advance: you are sick now, you must sleep well, and then give your child some some Time allows children to stop all activities to sleep. If the child is still young, including the child who is going to walk for the first time, you can take the toy of the child at hand and tell the child that he is going to rest now.

What parents need to know is that when the child is sick, he will be more likely not to listen to you, you must be patient.

3. Salt spray

If the child’s nose is not breathable, you can use some salt -containing spray, which can alleviate the child’s nasal congestion.

4. Hot bath

Give your child a hot bath. When taking a bath, hot air and moisture will make your child feel ventilation. Soaking for a while, this will make the child feel more comfortable and make the child quiet.

5. Massage

After the child takes a shower, do not let the child blow the wind. You can use some moisturizing milk to massage your child. When you massage your child, you need to observe the child’s reaction more. Some children may not like massage. At this time, you need to stop.

6. Get away from fear

Night’s fear has a great impact on the child’s sleep. In fact, sometimes some night fears will cause children to have some fear of their parents.

7. Drink tea

When the child is sick, it is best to give your child a cup of tea. If your child is a little older, you can try to add honey tea for your child. If your child is young, then you may wish to drink some organic tea for your child.

8. humidifier

When the child is sick, it is best to use the humidifier and put the humidifier near the baby. After using the humidifier, the child will sleep better, and the child will be moreEasy to recover.

The above is eight small tricks that make the sick baby fall asleep. The sick baby is very uncomfortable. I hope that my parents will give him more care.