• 2022-11-30

Fluid prevention and control of lemon Coke

Sep 30, 2022

From the beginning of a cold, many people are accustomed to a cup of hot lemon cola ginger in the tea restaurant to relieve the levy. It is said that the effect is quite good.
What is this “music”? According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger can activate blood circulation. If it is a cold -type cold, when it is cold and hot, when it is not appetizing, a cup of “Jin” Jiang Cola can indeed warm the stomach and drive the cold. There is also a dietary prescription, which uses Chenpi and ginger porridge to replace three meals. It is especially suitable for those who enter the stomach for the virus.
As for orange juice, it is reported that it can accelerate the healing of the cold. Is it true? Usually adding more vitamin C can indeed reduce the chance of infection, but because most of the fruit attributes are cool and can easily cause cough, it is not advisable to eat more when coughing. Only apples can be eaten, or you can eat orange hot, but of course, the taste of food is different.
Instead, it may wish to drink it, because fresh lemon is rich in vitamin C, appetizing and refreshing, honey can moisturize, drink hotly, the itching of the throat will inevitably reduce it.
Another simple formula is very effective for nasal water collection. The only disadvantage is that the taste is not good: first cook the ginger for 20 minutes, and then add a light bean drum and three bait white, and 1 money (3 grams) mint Leaves, cook for about 2 minutes.