• 2022-11-30

Does the baby lose weight after birth?Don’t be too nervous about these problems of newborns!

Sep 30, 2022

Guidance: Nie Chuan, chief physician of the Newborn Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

October pregnant. Once gave birth, many novice parents would look helpless when facing new babies, especially when the baby appears in some phenomena At that time, parents were nervous and worried because they lacked their understanding of the physiological and pathological knowledge of new babies. So, what are the problems of newborn babies, and parents do not have to be a fuss, too nervous?

Is weight loss?

After the child took it home for three or four days, some parents found that the child’s weight was lighter than when he was born? In fact, most of these are related to the baby’s physiological weight loss. Due to the loss of water in the body and the excretion of fetal manure, many newborn babies will have a temporary weight loss within a few days of birth. At the point, the scope of weight decline is about 3-9%, and the weight will rise slowly afterwards. Generally, it can return to the weight at birth 7-10 days after birth. But if the weight decreases more than 10%, or if the baby’s weight has not recovered after more than 10 days, then you need to find the cause to see if it is caused by unreasonable feeding. Too rare, or there are some other diseases.

Is it long?

Some parents found that there were some small yellow dots on both sides of the palate and gums on both sides of the mouth of the baby, touching small teeth like growing. Do you start your teeth at such a young age? And why did the teeth grow on the side? In fact, this is not the baby’s real deciduous teeth. This “teeth” that looks like deciduous teeth is called “horse teeth” or “plate teeth”. The reason why the child appears “horse teeth” is caused by the unreasonable absorption of the tooth plates during the embryo period. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, it will gradually disappear after 2 to 3 weeks. Pay attention to your baby’s oral hygiene, do not pick or rub it to avoid infection.

Is it developed?

Some parents hugged their children to ask the doctor for help: “Doctor, my child has just been born, how can the breast developed?” The newborn baby developed? Of course not, this is because the baby is still influenced by the mother’s estrogen during the fetal period. Once the birth of the mother, the influence of this estrogen suddenly interrupted, so the newborn baby’s role in promoting gonad hormones is promoting gonad hormone. Below, sex hormone secretion increased excessiveness, so the breasts of breast enlargement occurred a few days after birth, like broad beans, but this situation generally subsides naturally in 2-3 weeks. Parents must not squeeze it to avoid avoiding it to avoid it to avoid Infection. In addition, some parents have found that shortly after their births were born, they came to “menstruation”. In fact, this was also related to the sudden interruption of estrogen from the baby’s source after being born, which caused the original proliferative and congested vaginal mucosal cells to fall off and fall off and put them off and put it off. From yinThe roads are discharged, as if in the menstruation. In addition to doing a good vaginal hygiene, there is no special treatment. Generally, it can gradually disappear within 3-5 days, and a few will be extended to 7-10 days, but if the baby appears This vaginal bleeding secretion lasts longer, or the bleeding is bright red. It is still recommended that parents should take their babies to a regular hospital in time and give it to professional doctors for treatment, so as not to delay the best time for treatment.

Is it a long bag?

Some parents touched a bag on the newborn baby’s head and were too nervous to worry about whether it would affect the baby’s brain development. In fact, there are two common ones that parents touch this package. One is called tumor -producing babies. It is caused by the babies who are squeezed by the head of the head during childbirth. The most obvious when it was just born, slowly becoming smaller in the future, and usually disappeared completely within 36 hours. There is also a kind of bag. It is common in the baby hematoma caused by giving birth such as rubbing, squeezing the pelvis of the skull and the mother’s pelvis during childbirth, or adopting mirroring such as clamps such as clamps due to difficulty in production. Parents do not need to do special treatment. They usually pay attention to observing the child’s reaction. Once they find that the child has a reaction variant, no milk, screaming, etc., you should take the baby to the B -ultrasound or CT check in time to eliminate it to eliminate it to eliminate Whether there is a possibility of intracranial hemorrhage.

Have a cold?

When you see the baby sneezing, novice parents are always worried about whether the baby has a cold. In fact, the baby is prone to sneezing due to external stimuli because of the nasal mucosa. If the baby does not have fever, cough, runny nose and other phenomena, it can be temporarily treated. In addition, some parents found that there seemed to be a sputum in the throat of their own little baby, but “snoring and snoring” sounded, but other situations were okay. Insufficient calcium and vitamin D during pregnancy, coupled with the baby’s birth after birth, it may affect the baby’s laryngeal cartilage development and cause the throat. If the symptoms of laryngeal asthma caused by poor laryngeal cartilage development are mild, parents can not need to be too nervous. This symptoms generally grow up with the baby. After that, the vitamin D and calcium are appropriately supplemented, but if the throat asthma is serious, it is already accompanied by the symptoms of hoarseness, difficulty breathing, difficulty in feeding, and slow development. The causes of other diseases, such as congenital, hate cysts, stenosis under the door.

In short, in the process of parenting, novice parents can learn some newborn -related medical knowledge. Only when the newborn baby appears, it can be calmly cope. When the phenomenon is physiological or pathological, you can seek the help of a professional doctor.