• 2022-11-30

The story of the fireworm

Sep 30, 2022

Xiaobian recommends the story of the fireworm today. The story of the fireworm mainly tells you one night many years ago. A meteor flew from the sky, and the small meteor became a meteorite. How did fireflies come? Let’s take a look together. 1 The story of the fireworm many years ago, a meteor flew over the sky. He finally turned into a meteorite, as big as his fist, falling on the beach by the river. The small meteorite was very sad: the sky was his home, and now he can’t go back.

At this time, a little boy with a kite was coming by the river. The little meteorite said, the little brother, please use your kite to send me back to heaven, okay? The little boy nodded and agreed. He tied the meteorite to the kite, blowing over a gust of wind, and the kite was on the sky with the meteorite. The higher the kite, the higher, and the smaller and smaller, and later I could see nothing.

The little boy’s beloved kite is gone. But he is not sad, but very happy, because he helpsHelp Xiaomei home. However, the small meteorite did not return to the sky: the kite line that hanged high altitude was scratched by the wind, and the small meteorite fell on the beach by the sea.

A little girl with a red hydrogen balloon on the beach. The little meteorite said, Ms., please use your balloon to send me back to heaven, okay? The little girl nodded and agreed. She tied the small meteorite to the balloon, and then let go of the thin rope in her hand. The balloon was on the sky with a small meteorite.

The beloved balloon of the little girl is gone. But she was not sad, but she was very happy because she helped Xiaomei go home.

But the small meteorite did not return to heaven. The balloon flying to the high altitude finally exploded, and the small meteorite fell on a far -high hillside.

The small meteorite on the hillside is hot, and now I don’t feel sad again. He was originally a star, and the meteorite’s hard epidermis was hidden in the bright starlight. Now he has added warmth and movement in his heart, and the warmth and movement of double portions: one is given by a little boy, and the other is given by the little girl. In order to help themselves, they abandoned my dear kite and balloon, and this warmth and moved he could never forget.

So the starlight, warmth, and movement hidden in his heart collided with each other, wiping out the brighter sparks, and the temperature became higher and higher. Suddenly, a “bombardment” sounded, and the hot meteorite exploded, which broke into countless pieces. Look, every piece of fragments are shining …

There are many small flying worms flying on the grass. They say, “What a beautiful little star!”

The night sky came from the night sky , The voice of the little meteorite: “These beautiful little stars, each of which gives you one, makes you the most beautiful and lovely flying worm elves in the world …”
Star fragment. Since then, in the summer night, they have flown the stars and fragments on the grass, like a small lantern, like a little star flying around …

From then on At the beginning, there were beautiful and cute fireflies on the earth.

2 The story review of the firewormThe small meteor never had the opportunity to fly back to the sky because it became a small meteorite. Many people helped the small meteorite home. In the end, the small meteorite did not return home.The sparks were shattered into many beautiful little stars to the small flying. The small flying insects embellished the summer night, and there was a fireflies that our children liked now.