• 2022-11-30

Parent -child game encyclopedia for many people

Sep 30, 2022

Playing with your child is a kind of fun, which can make children feel loving and increase happiness.The most common game played by two people is the game of scissors, stones, and cloth. Here are a game of two people:
Game name: Two people three -foot jump
Required props: towels or ropes
How to play: Use a towel to tie the feet of the two into three feet. Dad (or mother) holds the baby’s wrist by hand to prevent the baby from losing its balance and fall (pay attention to the sense of rhythm and strength of the baby’s jumping.At the same time as jumping, the caregiver must encourage the baby to flex the knee and increase the use of the baby’s knee, which can help the baby better)
Game purpose: this game can train the baby’s leg muscles to elasticity, increase the ability of the baby’s jumping ability, etc.Essence

The Assassin’s Creed Revolution helps the father and son to work together, and the picture is quite good.If it is a mini -game, it is 4399.Single -machine game, my world online helps children imagine, depending on how old your child is