• 2022-11-30

1 -year -old baby’s parent -child game Daquan

Sep 30, 2022

The wonderful small box

Open a round hole at the top of a container with a cover, and put various objects in the container. Note that these things should be easy to grab and take out the entrance.
Folding Four
Put some children’s favorite toys on the table, and then reverse the toy in front of him, let him try it. He will know that the objects are the same, but the direction is different.
The body first recognized
Sitting face to face with the child, touching each part of his body, and saying the name. When he is about to be at the age of age, you can make a mistake intentionally and let him correct you.
What is this
Put the child’s three toys on the floor, call the name of each toy, and use the name of one word as much as possible, and then you say the name to let the child pick out the toy.
Feed Mommy
After you fed the child, take out another spoon to encourage him to feed you. Can encourage him to imitate, when feeding you, the child can show his ability to control his activities.

Fruits: Common fruits (such as apples, bananas, oranges, etc.), a basket, doll gameplay: Put the baskets with various fruits in front of the baby, and then get it. Some dolls are hugged by the mother; then said to the baby, “The big bear wants to eat apples, the baby please help it take a XX.” Say the fruit in the basket at will, or the baby is used to get different fruits. Em