• 2022-12-07

To educate children with these 8 time points, the simplest and effective!Don’t believe you try

Sep 30, 2022

“Such a minute to accompany the child, one minute than one hour.” Parents who attended the child because there was no time to work overtime; they hurried out after having breakfast for their children in the morning; the time to accompany the child for a week was too poor, let alone educate the child. “Such a minute of accompanying the child, one hour than one hour”

The parent meeting participating in the child, because there is no time to work overtime; in the morning, you can go out in a hurry to make breakfast for your child; Not to mention educating children.

But if we delay the education of children, what does it mean for us to be so busy? Today, I will tell you a method of two all the beauty. As long as you use the 8 scattered time below, you can take 2 hours in 10 minutes. You can educate your children well!

1 When I got up

The plan of the day was in the morning, and the beautiful day opened from the moment when the child opened his eyes. When you call your child to get up, do not use the lion roar. This will only make him resentment. Instead, it is a gentle awakening. The child feels love, and naturally this love will also pass this love to you.

2 During breakfast for breakfast

Many parents think that the child is tired of reading and will make him sleep more in the morning, butIt is more meaningful to make children do some simple work, and it is more meaningful to cooperate with your breakfast.

Not only will not make children feel that they do n’t sleep well, they will be more energetic. And if the child eats his own breakfast, you will eat more ~ u200bu200b

3 During breakfast

This time is the best moment to educate children in the day. You can talk to your child. Did you dream last night? I also reminded the children to bring the books with all the books. What are you going to do today?

At this time, these greetings and these cares will make children feel slowly love.

4 Before going out

A good image will help children make friends. Before going out every day, choose a good -looking clothes with your children. Good clothes will bring a good mood for a day. After he is worn, organize whether the clothes are clean and tidy. Help.

At the same time, do not forget to remind your children to abide by traffic rules when going out. Pay attention to safety on the road. There is no trivial matter in terms of safety, especially in terms of children’s safety.

5 After getting home from get off work

After a busy day, there will be some fatigue, especially when working during the day is not good, often takes the negative emotions home. So before entering the door, clean up your mood and forget about work. Because you enter the house, you are your wife, your mother, and it is unfair to sprinkle your breath on your family.

Don’t forget to say thank you if your child opens you. If it is a lover, you can also give a big hug and let the child feel the warmth of the home.

Parenting love is the best education for children.

6 During dinner

Confucius said, “I don’t speak, do not speak words”. This is the highest respect for the ceremony, but now the society is very busy If you do n’t contact your feelings, your family will really get more and more alienated.

Of course, spinach teachers do not laugh when everyone eats, but can talk to each other. Moms and dad can ask the children what happened today and have nothing to deal with?

Know the child’s psychological changes in time and give help to let the children know that their parents will always be his strongest backing. It should be noted that do not criticize children when eating. Criticism on the table will affect the child’s appetite and digestion.

Of course, parents can also talk about some interesting things they have encountered, letting children know that work is actually an interesting thing. It will be easier to plant the seeds of the next career in the child’s mind from childhood. Success.

7 When writing homework with your child

After dinner in general families, father or mother went to clean up, and another person accompanied the child to write homework. It should be noted that when writing homework with your child, it is better to put down your mobile phone and pick up a book and devote themselves to reading. This is conducive to the development of family learning atmosphere.

Cherish every minute of getting along with your children, sometimes eating earlier or weekends, you can also go around with your child first, blowing the air, not only adding the relationship between parents and children, but also the combination of labor and rest can also learn from the combination of work and rest. Higher efficiency.

8 night before going to bed

A fulfilling day is about to end, but there are some small details to remind children, such as you can think about the clothes you wear in advance, organize the items necessary for tomorrow to go to school tomorrow. Let the children do it by themselves, and continue to benefit a lot for a long time.

If your child is small, you can tell him a little story before going to bed, and consciously cultivate the habit of reading children. After the child falls asleep, help the child to cover the quilt. During this time, it belongs to yourself. Watching novels and brushing videos can be.

Educating children has always been educated. It is not time to accompany him every day, so it will make him dependent on his parents, and it will never grow much; it is not a reason to be absent from the child’s growth regardless of the child’s growth regardless of the child.

The key to the companionship is whether parents are attentive. Maybe you focus on a minute of accompanying, but the meaning of children is extraordinary.

Educating a good child is the career of parents’ life!