• 2022-11-30

Love your children, please be indifferent to your children

Sep 30, 2022

The small text of the neighbor’s house was about to graduate immediately, but it was dismissed by the school. The reason given by the school is even more surprising: the ability to take care of the self -care is extremely poor and lacks self -control. The small text of the neighbor’s house was about to graduate immediately, but it was dismissed by the school. The reason given by the school is even more surprising: the ability to take care of the self -care is extremely poor and lacks self -control.

Why did a young man in his 20s have such problems? Because Xiao Wen was the only child in the family, and his parents were in his thirties when he gave birth to him, he loved him very much. It is not exaggerated to stretch out the meal to describe it.

This directly leads to Xiaowen’s entering college and do nothing. Every day, he is playing games in the dormitory. Because he had too many Hangke, he was repeatedly warned by the school, but Xiao Wen never changed at all, and was eventually dismissed by the school.

Parents’ care has finally become the root of harm to children. There are really a lot of such things around us.

I have been a relative, married for many years, and the child is a few years old, but until now, let alone take the child, and I wo n’t even wash clothes. She is also a typical mother, and she has been run by her parents from childhood to large.

As a result, now her father -in -law’s opinions have become greater and bigger. Every day, for some trivial matters, noisy is noisy. It is a failed mother. She not only spoiled her son, but also caused negatively to her daughter.

She posted her son with a small amount of money left and indulged her son to grow old. She raised her two children hard, and continued to help her son bring her grandson and take care of her long -term paralyzed bed.

Ke sonHe never made a penny for the family, and because of his debt, he hid in Tibet in the east, involved the family, and asked the sister to help wipe the buttocks. In this way, she blindly protected her son, but blame her daughter to be unwilling and unpretentious.

Each child is a baby in the family. Parents are reluctant to let their children fuck a dim sum and be hurt a little bit. However, have you ever thought that our petting and protection of him may be exactly the intangible obstacles to his life alone.

Those who are not as long as the “Mom Bao Nan” who are not older and the only mother are the “Mom Bao”, isn’t it because of the long -term use of the wrong education method of parents?

In the first two days, a female reader asked me to vomit, saying that she and her mother -in -law had serious differences in the education method of her daughter.

She believes that the child should grow up happily now, and there is no need to force her to learn this. The mother -in -law felt that there was no rule. Her mother -in -law always said: “Education should start from the doll, otherwise the child will be delayed in the future, and the child will blame you!”
In fact, sometimes the elderly are indeed more experienced and wise than us in education. many. The child likes to contain a pacifier, you let him keep it, now he is comfortable. But in the long run, the child’s mouth became big and thick. When he knows the beauty and ugly, he will blame you.

The child does not eat well, eats snacks, and when he develops poorly, he will definitely blame you. At the age of learning language, the child does not learn to recognize the text. When he loses on the starting line, he will definitely blame you.

The child’s mind is not yet mature, and the infinite potential hidden in them. They are like the new buds of seedlings that need to be shining with the sun and the moisturizing of rain dew.

When we envy Dong Qing’s belly with poetry, we should watch She had a harsh and cold father.

When other little girls were playing with flower clothes wanton, her father asked her to copy ancient texts and memorize poems. And so good now, she must also be grateful for her father who was not very understood at the time.

There is a kind of loving seemingly ruthless, but it is deep. There is a kind of indifference that makes people unbearable, but it is a gift for children.

Jiao Qiang used to develop the common problems of children in many families at present. Unwilling to suffer, fear of difficulties, the “collapsed generation” does not seem to have rumors. Everyone is criticizing the tiger mother and eagle dad to deprive the children’s right to release nature, but no one cares about the greedy love in front of the eyes, who will pay for his slim muddy future?

In the mall, a child ran away and fell. The mother who walked behind looked at her eyes and did not help. The child cried twice, and when no one cared about him, he got up by himself.Continue to play happily.

Maybe this is the real protection of children’s nature.Suddenly, I seemed to see the young man who grew up brave and fearless when he grew up …