• 2022-11-30

It is great to educate children 36 plans

Sep 30, 2022

There are no bad children, only bad education methods. Parents and teachers are often anxious because of their children’s progress slow. From this or rudely put on hats such as “stupid brains” and “difficulty changing character”, or they think that they are superior to their knowledge and do not educate their children. There are no bad children, only bad education methods. Parents and teachers are often anxious because of their children’s progress slow. From this or rudely put on hats such as “stupid brains” and “difficulty changing character”, or they think that they are superior to their knowledge and do not educate their children. In fact, as long as the method is proper, any child is excellent; as long as you are attentive, you can always find a suitable educational method.

1. Dressing weakness -let the child act as a “little adult”

Parents often complain that the children are not concerned about their parents and lack a sense of responsibility, they I do n’t know that the child’s sense of responsibility is cultivated from an early age. If you always show a ruthless look in front of your child, the child will think that parents do not need to care for them. Therefore, parents may wish to be weak occasionally and ask their children for help. You will be surprised to find that the child has become a sensible “little adult”, and you can also get a lot of things from the help of your child.

2. Reinforcement meter -let children change from inferiority to self -confidence.

James Dobelin, a PhD in Philosophy in California, proposed the “reinforcement law”. When a person’s behavior is satisfactory, this behavior will repeat. Therefore, when the child is recognized, his or her self -confidence will be stimulated, and repeatedly repeated behaviors until you get rid of inferiority and become a good child who is confident.

Third, induction meter -help children cross the disgustThe quagmire learned.

Almost every child is more or less hateful to school. This is understandable but cannot be allowed to be self -flow, because this emotion will hinder the enthusiasm of children’s learning, bringing difficult to estimate to the growth of the child’s growth to the growth of the child’s growth. influences. However, forcing children to learn is not a good way. This will only deepen the resentment of the child. The clever approach is to induce the child’s interest in learning and let the children learn automatically spontaneously.

Fourth, indifference -let children have a little self -control ability.

Most of the children today are only children and have been caring and cared by their families. However, such a life has made children develop wayward habits. This bad habit will bury the child’s future life huge hidden dangers. Experts suggest that children may wish to try cold treatment when they are willful, which will automatically converge the temper because they ca n’t get attention.

5. Giving a trick -Give your child a chance to experience failure.

American educator Kalel Sandburg said: “Of course, talents can be produced in the country, but they can also produce talents in adversity. And in adversity, children who have grown up after frustration and all divert are more competitive. “In other words, in order to enhance the child’s resistance, parents may wish to create some moderate frustration affection for their children consciously. This setback education is very good for enhancing children’s psychological tolerance.

6. Let go -Cultivate children’s own things to do it by themselves.

Do not do everything for the child. Parents should try to let go and let the children do it autonomously. The first time may not do well, but they will do fast and good later. Do not do parents, let go of the opportunities and platforms for creating things for children, children can have their ability to stand, and parents will have less trouble.

Seven, indulgence -let children develop potential in “naughty”

Some parents complained that their children are “too naughty” to “destroy madness”. In fact, such children are often smart Celection and curiosity are strong, and willpower is firm than ordinary children. Therefore, smart parents should try to “indulge” the child’s naughty and “destruction” behavior, and take the opportunity to tap the potential and cultivate interest. Maybe your child is another “Edison”.

8. Punishment meter -let children face their mistakes.

Educating children must reward and punish clearly, and the child must be rewarded well, but do not tolerate the child when doing something wrong. Correction in time is not to get deeper and deeper in the mistake.

9. Refrigeration meter -“splash cold water” to the neat child.

Self -negative refersTherefore, once you find the child’s arrogant signs, parents should use the means of “refrigeration” to spill the child some cold water in a timely manner, let the child learn to evaluate themselves rationally, and correctly understand themselves.

Ten, tolerance measures -let children feel the unconditional love of parents.

The child may not be smart enough, maybe there are many shortcomings, but as a parent, you must not have prejudice to your child, humiliate or abandon your child. You must be tolerant and confidence in your child, and what kind of child you will get.

11. Models -Parents should be the first teacher for their children.

Parents are the role model of their children, the child is the mirror of the parents, and the parents’ words and deeds will affect the child. Therefore, parents must be strict with the law, and everything is used to set an example with their own correct words to guide their children to grow up healthy.

12. Encouragement measures -Give children for progress.

Children can easily lose confidence in themselves, and it is easy to give up their efforts because of difficulties. Therefore, parents must continue to encourage their children to give them courage and confidence in the victory, so that children can bring their parents with their parents. Looking forward to correcting the shortcomings and continuous progress.

Thirteen, listen to — seriously understand the child’s feelings.

Each child has his own voice. Parents must listen patiently in order to truly understand the child’s thoughts and feelings. Essence With such a foundation, you can communicate well between parent -child and establish a good and harmonious parent -child relationship.

Fourteen. Appreciation -let children progress in praise.

Educators believe that educating children is a more effective way than punishment. Therefore, they recommend that the punishment errors are correctly replaced by rewards, and the advantages are used to replace the negative shortcomings. This can avoid harm to the child and make children better progress.

Fifteen, dialing plan -cleverly remind the child to consciously go right.

Suo Suo’s preaching, parents who arranged for the children are the most disliked by the children. When the smart parents will only prompt guidance from the side when they encounter problems or behavior errors, help children solve their doubts and difficulties. Essence In this way, the child understands the truth, and the parents have achieved the purpose of education.

16. Virtual plan -let the child feel the “great” self.

Japanese educator Suzuki Town said: “With the feeling of genius, you will become a genius; with the feeling of heroes, you will become a hero. The child will find a good child, and he will become good Child. “Use virtual means to create a” great “self -feeling for children, and he will gradually become” great “.

Seventeen, tolerance -let children learn more in the wrong school.

In life, children will inevitably have some faults and errors. Some are unintentional, some are intentional. If the nature of the child’s fault is not very serious, then the parents may wish to be tolerant and forgiveness, so that the child will not only correct the error in the guilt, but also make the child form a good tolerance mentality.

18. Training plan -let children know the mistakes and change the new.

Children are children, and they will constantly occur in various problems and errors. Some errors can be tolerant, and some errors cannot be tolerated. It is necessary to make reasonable and effective criticisms to ensure that children no longer make similar errors. Even if they are widely wide, this reasonable discipline is absent.

Nineteenth, influence meter -give the child a good influence in life.

Family is the first class of children, and the impact of family education to children is far -reaching and huge. Therefore, if parents can cultivate their children’s healthy hobbies through storytelling and other methods in family life, and cultivate their children’s interest and character, then they can make children grow healthier healthily.

Twenty, Druttering -let children change from opposition to cooperation.

The success of Dayu’s water is “sparse” instead of “blocking”, and parents can also get inspiration from this method. When educating children, too much autocracy will only cause the child’s rebellion and let the child “do it” with you, but if you adopt a wise and open dredging strategy, the child will be willing to cooperate with you.

Twenty -one, Zunzi plan -let the children close closer to their parents.

There is a conflict between parent -child conflicts because parents are not respecting their children enough, making their children’s heart fear and dissatisfaction, and pulling away from each other. In fact, children also need to respect, so they will definitely become the most popular parents.

Twenty -two, peer -to -peer -achieve good communication with children.

The premise of good communication with children is to treat children equally and be good friends. In this way, the child will be willing to speak to you, so that parents can help their children get rid of various problems in time. If parents always have parental shelf and authoritarize their children to obey themselves, then the door of parent -child communication will slowly close.

Twenty -three, offensive and defensive measures -first give the child a “prevention needle”.

The best defense is offensive. This is also the case when educating children. After there is a problem with their children, then go to discipline and anger. It is better to give the child a “prevention needle” in advance to allow children to take less detours and make less mistakes.

24. Training frugalityRegarding -help children overcome the extravagance of arrogance.

Now the children are the “little emperor” and “little princess” of the family. They must be windy and rainy. Some children have developed the habit of extravagance, spending money and big, I do n’t know how to cherish items. This habit is extremely unfavorable to the healthy growth of children. Therefore, parents should educate their children and frugality and help their children to develop frugal habits. True love children.

Twenty -five. Accompaniment scheme -teach good children during participation.

If parents can participate in their children’s lives and take more time to accompany their children to do something, then not only can improve parent -child feelings, but also encourage their children. At the same time, parents can also know more about their children. This will develop children. Potential and cultivating children are very important.

Twenty -six, anti -micro meter -don’t make the child’s minor illness a big problem.

In life, children sometimes have some minor problems, such as domineering, rudeness, laziness, etc. At this time, parents must pay attention. Small problems will become a big problem. At that time, it would be not easy for parents to make their children correct. Don’t be able to queen your child’s minor problems, strict control is also a manifestation of love.

Twenty -seven, persuasion and county -let children and teachers tolerate each other.

There will also be some frictions and misunderstandings between teachers and students. At this time, parents will play the role of “peacemaker” to help both parties eliminate contradictions, misunderstandings, and tolerate each other. Let the children respect the teacher, and the teacher continues to care for the child.

Twenty -eighth, the rules and regulations -let children learn to control themselves with reasonable rules.

Children’s self -control ability is poor, and the preaching of the parents “don’t do this” and “don’t do that” can easily cause their children to be bored. Therefore, parents can establish a set of effective behavior rules for their children. The basis for your own behavior to restrict your behavior.

Twenty -ninth, reduce the burden -don’t put too much pressure on your child.

In life, more and more children with psychological obstacles are increasing, and children psychologists have pointed out that too much pressure is an important reason for children to have psychological problems. It has become a top priority to reducing the burden on children. In order to allow children to grow up healthy, parents should not put too much pressure on their children.

Thirty, stimulus -use the way to stimulate children to make children love to learn.

Educating children to find the right way. When persuasion and preaching do not work, parents may wish to try this trick to stimulate the score. Using children’s victory, reverse mind, and even jealousy to deliberately stimulate the child, let them learn from learning to active learning.

Thirty -one, Yue Na plan -let children like and accept themselves.

If children cannot fully understand themselves and see their strengths, there will be many problems. Such as inferiority, jealousy others, and so on. Therefore, parents should let their children see their advantages and let their children like themselves so that children can face life confidently.

32. Use tolerance -gently correcting the child’s “extraordinary” behavior.

Children often make some “extraordinary” behaviors that make their parents unable to tolerate, and the “emergency wind and rain” education will only cause their children to be extreme. Therefore, parents can only “quit urgent forbearance”, and Press the fire, understand the child more tolerance, and guide the child on this basis, so that the child can lead to the right way.

Thirty -three, Li Yongju -cultivating children’s brave personality.

In life, those who are brave and bold and fearless can achieve outstanding achievements and happiness. Therefore, parents should not always protect their children for their children’s future. Do not emphasize children who cultivate “obedient”. Instead, they should give their children some opportunities to exercise and encourage them to be brave children.

Thirty -four, influenza -move the child’s heart with true feelings.

Educating children should not just teach, scold, persuade, and sometimes they must be emotional, so as to shake the child’s heart and achieve the best effect of education. However, to influence that children must be true, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

Thirty -five, Equality -Cultivate a wide child.

Most of the children are only children, all of which are “little sun”. They are used to self -centered, but this personality is extremely unfavorable to interpersonal communication. Therefore, in life, parents should pay attention not to give their children a special status, cultivate their spirit of sharing and cooperation, and gradually cultivate a open child.

36. Bittering plan — Cultivate children’s will and perseverance.

Nowadays, children are facing a society full of competition, and many children often lack the courage to overcome difficulties because of their comfort. Therefore, smart parents should let their children be hone to the difficult and hard work in order to cultivate their tough will and perseverance so that they can win in future competition.