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What food can pregnant women eat folic acid?

Jan 20, 2022

Folic acid also is also called vitamin B9, which is very important for pregnancy and pregnant women, and supplement folic acid can prevent most of the neural tube deformity of fetus. So, what food can I add folic acid? Let’s take a look.

1, aloe

Aloe is a rich green vegetable with a folic acid content. After purchasing fresh aloe, you can use a microwave, fast-fried or quickly hot way to cook, so you can ensure that malnutrition is not lost, often consumes folic acid.

2, spinach

In addition to rich B-vitamins, spinach is rich in folic acid, often eat spinach to help women prevent common diseases such as pelvic infection, mental depression, insomnia.

3, Broccoli

It is also very effective in eating broccoli to supplement folic acid. It not only contains high folic acid, but it is extremely low, not only can supplement folic acid, but its dietary fiber can also help women improve constipation.

4, kiwi

Kiwi is very praise, it is very praised, and it is a lot of nutrient elements that kiwi can supplement. Kiwi is not only folic acid, but also a variety of minerals, microbials, including 17 amino acids, zinc and selenium, and other in the human body. Frequently edible kiwi can be puzzled, beauty, detoxify, and enhance physical fitness.

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5, peach

In addition to supplementation of folic acid, eating peaches can also supplement a variety of vitamins, fruit acids, and a variety of trace elements, especially those with high iron and iron deficiency, especially suitable for edible. Pregnant women can eat some peaches to supplement folic acid.

6, cherry

Cherry is a high folic acid content. In addition, the iron content of cherries is particularly high, and the common food cherry can supplement the demand for iron elements in the body and promote hemoglobin regeneration. In addition, cherries are also rich in vitamin A, which is also helpful for vision health.

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