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These foods, pregnant women should pay more attention when they eat.

Jan 20, 2022

During pregnancy, a lot of food can not eat casually, what kind of food is there? Let’s take a look!


The leaves, stems of cassava, the roots contain different degrees of toxins, raw potatoes or unheated tapatoes and drinking cassava soup, can lead to poisoning. Toxicides contained in cassava will cause human nerves to be paralyzed, causing discomfort, serious, will make people in bed for lifelong.

2. Sprouted potatoes

The potatoes that have been budged in buds contain dragonfums, and the quantity should not be underestimated. If you accidentally eat, you will make people’s consciousness, the breathing is not smooth, and even lost life due to cardiac failure or breathing.

3. Fresh fungus

The fresh wood ear containing the light sensation has no resistance to the light, so if the pregnant mother eats fresh fungus, once the sunshine is exposed to the sun, it is easy to suffer from the daylight, severe symptoms is the breathing of the throat.

4. Rotten ginger

It has contained toxins-Hua Chaosin in ginger, even if there is not much intake, it will also cause pregnant women’s liver cell poisoning.

Caterpillar grass flower stewed chicken soup

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5. Bamboo shoots

Fresh bamboo shoots contain cyanosilicin, if you eat bamboo shoots or bamboo shoots that are not completely cooked, it can cause food poisoning.

6. Soy soybean milk

Toxic elements such as erythrocyte agglutinin, anti-sups can be detected in soy soy milk, so once the pregnant women will have a risk of food poisoning.

7. Beans

Beans are not absolutely taboo, but beans such as lentils, four-season beans, white waves, red waist peas, etc., if they can cause poisoning in the state of raw or not fully heated.

8. Passing Tomatoes

Like sprouting potatoes, you also contain a marldeukin in the tomatoes. Pregnant women eat unspeakable, tomatoes, will feel bitter, and will show different degrees of poisoning phenomena, such as difficult to vomit, if it is a threat of eating.

9. Fresh yellow flower

There will also be toxic substances in the yellow-flower, such as the autumn water fairy toxin. If the mother eats it, it will make the body all kinds of abnormalities, such as the feeling of fever, dry mouth, dry mouth, etc. When you eat, you should take the yellow-flowers and use boiled water after boiling, and you can eat it after cooking.

Pumpkin lily sweet soup

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Which substances are beneficial to pregnant women

1, calcium: Supplement sufficient calcium can make pregnant women to mitigate tight emotions, avoid symptoms such as headache, insomnia, and prevent the bone development of the fetus. Such foods are milk, soybeans, black sesame, etc.

2, vitamins and folic acid: vitamins and folic acids can’t be less. Such as liver and yeast, can alleviate the disgusting, cramps such as pregnancy. Pregnant women should also eat more fruits, supplement dietary fibers, promote defecation, metabolism.

3, iodine: iodine deficiency can cause fetal intelligence defects, so pregnant women must suppress iodine.It can be obtained by eating, such as seafood, such as a sea product, such as eating a sea product.

4, iron: iron is an indispensable substance, has a great help to pregnant women, can help avoid anemia, bring enough nutrients to the fetus.Iron-containing food has egg yolk, vegetables, grains.Pregnant women can eat more.