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Suitable for children to eat snacks, these are good

Jan 20, 2022

Adults don’t like children to eat too many unhealthy snacks, but these snacks introduced today are not only suitable for adults, but also very suitable for children, and parents will not refuse, because these snacks really nutrients and healthy, fast Click Get!

1, milk

After the baby weaned, you can give your baby some milk after you don’t drink milk powder. Drink more milk can give your baby body to supplement calcium, and “Chinese Dietary Guide” recommended 2-5 years old children to drink 300-400ml of milk every day, so you can basically meet the baby’s body’s demand for calcium, baby It will be expected to grow.

2, bread, biscuits

To say how the first two snacks basically choose, but bread and biscuits should be cautious. For some loose, sweet and sweet bread, it is not suitable for your baby, and it is best to choose a whole wheat bread for your baby. Whole wheat food can supplement energy for the baby, and the fat content is low, don’t worry about eating more weight, which will seriously exceed the standard.

3, fresh fruits and vegetables

It may be that this is not a snack, but for the baby, they are still small, and there is no need for food when eating staples, so these can be snacks after meals. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and dietary fibers to enhance their babies to enhance resistance. Parents can make fruits or vegetables into mud, wait for the baby to be more powerful when the baby is more powerful, it can be more simple to cut the fruit into the baby.

Hand catching small bread

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4, meat egg

The meat and eggs here are of course not meat and eggs sold in those vegetables. There are also meat snacks on the market, such as beef slices, meat, etc., these snacks can also give your baby properly.

5, nuts

Nuts contain rich fatty acids, minerals, and various types of amino acids, can be considering snacks in nutritional value in sneakers, but nuts are more hard. If the baby’s teeth are just growing, and they are not yet If you refuse, it is not recommended to take the whole nut to your baby. The baby is likely to swallow the nuts without chewing, so it is easy to be. So give your baby a nut, you should cut your nut into a small piece in advance, even if you don’t have to worry about it, you will be in your throat.

When the baby’s body is growing during growth, don’t look at them, the nutrition and energy needed by their body can be more than those, and they are more moving, I may have digested for a while. So if you want to provide nutrition on three meals a day, it is inevitable to eat snacks between the two meals. Eat some nutritional supplements that benefit from healthy small foods as the dinner, so the baby will get a good development.