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Pregnant women are easy to get angry, what should I pay attention to?

Jan 20, 2022

Whatever you have a lot of pregnancy is very concerned about this problem, and getting angry is a symptom of our most common. So what do pregnant women get angry? What should I pay attention to in the diet?

1, avoid a lot of drinking water

After you get angry, you can drink more water, but drinking water needs to pay attention to the skill, you should take a small amount of drinking, multiple drinking water, each time no more than 300ml is suitable. Drinking will not be dilatenly stomach fluid, affect the digestive function.

2, cold food

Icy food can relieve hot feelings, but there is adverse effect on the oral tooth and gastrointestinal stomach of pregnant women. Therefore, the pregnant woman should not eat cold food too much after getting over the fire.

3, warm fruit

The fruit is rich in vitamins, and it is a favorite food. Fruits can add a large amount of moisture, sugar, vitamin, and minerals. However, pregnant women on fire should pay attention to it, not suitable for excessive warm fruit, such as mango, orange, cherry, guava, etc. These fruits belong to warm fruit, and excessive warm fruits can easily lead to fire on fire, causing pregnant women’s physical discomfort.

Red pomple carrot juice

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4, nuts

Nuts contain rich protein, minerals, grease, vitamins, etc., pregnant women are very fond of consumption. But the nuts will also have a phenomenon of getting angry, such as cashews, pine, melon seeds, almonds, pistachios, etc. Because in nuts contain high heat, if you don’t pay attention to excessive eating in the summer, it will cause excessive internal heat, resulting in anger. When pregnant women have been on fire, they should reduce the edible nuts.

5, thermal seasoning

Eat thermal seasoning (such as octic, fennel, fennel, cinnamon, pepper, white pepper, etc.) can cause constipation, hemorrhoids, osmoxia, urine, urinary pain, etc., while also cause oral angiitis, pharyngitis, etc. Pregnant women should eat less or do not eat such seasoning to avoid gaining angry.

6, thermal meat

Mutton, dog meat is a hot meat, after getting angry, pregnant women should not eat any more.

7, greasy food

A large amount of greasy food will aggravate the burden of gastrointestinal, so that a large number of blood remains in the gastrointestinal tract, and the blood delivered to the brain is relatively reduced, so it will feel abdominal distension, loss of appetite, and the human fatigue.

Ribs radish soup

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8, chicken soup

The chicken soup is very suitable for nourishing the body, but if you have already on fire, you have a chicken soup, the effect is the opposite. After the pregnant woman is on fire, you can drink duck soup or pigeon soup.

9, sugar

In the summer, if a large amount of sugar enters the body, it will rise to the blood sugar. When the blood sugar is too high, it will promote the growth of bacterial growth on the skin contaminated by sweat, which is easy to cause sore, scorpion, swelling and other skin inflammation; on the other hand In order to produce a large amount of acidic substance, break the bloody balance, so that the body becomes an acidic body, therebyThe phadard is reduced, and the resistance is weakened.

What is the pregnancy?

1, bitter gourd

The famous doctors have seen bitter gourds as summer heat, go to the internal fire to help improve the best food of irritating emotions. Cold, stir fry, soup, as long as you don’t lose the original cyan, it is definitely the best food to fire.


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2, soybeans

Soybeans contain rich proteins, while nourishing yin is also supplemented with protein, isoflavones, oligosaccharides, saponins, phospholipids, nucleic acids. In addition, soluble fibers contained in soybeans have the effect of detoxification.

3, radish

Chinese medicine believes that radish is cold, sweet, Xin, has the effect of heat and heat and blood and blood. “The Materia Medica” said that radish energy “big gas, gums and middle, go to evil”.

4, celery

Celery is also cold vegetables, with flat liver and fire, calm and peace, diuretic swelling, tonic complementation. Moreover, celery contains a large number of crude fibers, which can stimulate the gastric peristalsis and benefit from the through detoxification.

5, cucumber

Sweet and cool, clean and heat, detoxification, Shengjin, thirst, the general population can be edible, especially suitable for patients with fever, obesity, hypertension, high blood fat, edema, cancer, alcohol, more diabetes One of the preferred foods.

Vegetable silver fish steamed egg

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