• 2022-11-30

Pregnancy diet has taboos, you must be cautious when you eat.

Jan 20, 2022

With the improvement of people’s living standards, it is increasingly paying attention to their physical condition. Especially for women who are pregnant. Some preparatory work is very valued. Some women say that although they are prepared to know some things should be taboo. But I don’t know what to pay attention to, which is can’t touch, with these questions to follow Xiaobian to make a detailed understanding.

Some taboos when pregnancy?

Do not eat olume food

There are a lot of women like to eat marinated, but to remind everyone that if the marinated food tastes the taste but it contains benzopyrene, nitrite, etc., eat more than a hundred damage.

2. Don’t eat some allergic food

Some female friends have allergies, if they eat allergies, they will lead to abortion, premature birth, or directly lead to fetal malformations, so don’t just give yourself or for your baby, don’t touch some easily allergies. food.

3. Cannot eat caffeine food and beverage

Nowadays, there are many people like to drink coffee. I feel that coffee is sentimental and refreshing, but caffeines in coffee and tea contain caffeine. If excess, they will change the pregnancy and estrogen ratio in women in women, indirectly affect women’s pregnancy or pregnancy Quality, so say, if you want your child, female friends must not drink coffee, drink, and tea.


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4. Don’t eat anti-corrosion and unhealthy food??

Women do not eat pollution foods, do not eat pigments, preservatives, additives, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables have a great advantage to the body, it is recommended to eat more.

5. Don’t drink, don’t smoke??

Women should not smoke when preparing for pregnancy, because this will not only reduce the probability of conception, but if the conception is successful, it may lead to miscarriage, for men, women can not smoke and drink during pregnancy, because the wine will let male pill The amount of hormone secretion is reduced, and it will also cause the sperm quality to decrease, which will affect the quality of female pregnancy, and nicotine and alcohol substances in the smoke can also cause sperm malformation or cause a reduction in sperm to reduce the quality of female pregnancy.

Relevant scientific experts have reminded that women must pay special attention during the pregnancy or life, because the benefits of the body directly affect the health of the fetus, and there will be some physical exercise in the usual time, helping Improve immunity and resistance, avoid the invasion of disease, only these points can be given a healthy and beautiful little baby, in addition to this, some bad habits must be changed, smoke, drink, stay up all night Talk is not possible, be sure to strengthen self-discipline itself.